Beauty Simplified: Master Your Look with Tips

Skin Care Tips:

  • How to create a daily skincare routine.
  • Tips for different skin types, such as oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.
  • The importance of sunscreen and how to use it effectively.

Use aloe vera gel 

Exposure to environmental aggressors damages the outer layer of the skin, making it inflamed or sensitive at times. Aloe vera face gel is rich in vitamins, minerals, lignin, saponins, and many other constituents that treat sunburn and inflammation. It also helps fight signs of premature aging on the skin. In addition,  it can be used daily at bedtime for smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin.

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Hair Care Tips:

  • How to create a hair care routine and maintain it.
  • Tutorials for different hairstyles.
  • Hair styling tips, such as straightening, curling, etc.

5 Essential Summer Hair Care Routine, You Should Follow

Treat your skin with raw milk

Raw milk is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties. Its fats and lactic acid content brighten the skin and keep it calm and moisturized for a long time. Lactic acid is a gentle exfoliator that helps shed dead skin cells, leading to softer skin. In addition, raw milk has been used for ages as a bathing agent that helps rem

Raw Milk For Skincare: Here Are Its Benefits And How To Use It | OnlyMyHealth

Besan and Honey Pack 

Besan has been a vintage constant when it comes to glowing skin. Besan-honey pack is not just a regular face pack. It has a host of benefits for dry skin. Besan or gram flour is alkaline, which is proven to be highly beneficial for maintaining the skin’s pH balance. It ensures that the skin gets rid of dirt, toxins, and other impurities. Honey is a powerful antioxidant and humectant, so it layers the skin with its protective abilities.

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Rice Face Mask

This long-forgotten ingredient is an important component in Korean skin care. It helps reduce enlarged pores, brightens the complexion, and gives you glass skin. To make your rice face mask, take one tablespoon of rice flour, oats, honey, and milk. Blend them all to make a thick paste. Now apply it all over your face and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then, rinse off for an instant glow.

Rice Flour and Potato Juice Face Mask for Bright Skin in hindi | rice flour and potato juice face mask for bright skin | HerZindagi

Use a face toner

Face toner comes in handy when you have dry and lifeless skin. These products help maintain the skin’s pH level, boost hydration, and cleanse deeply rooted impurities without depriving the skin’s essential oils. This means face toner does not irritate the skin. Instead, it introduces moisture to the skin and prepares it to soak up products in your post-cleansing ritual.

How and When to Use a Toner for Indian Skin


Beauty doesn’t just come from your facial appearance; it also manifests in how you care for yourself. Being occupied with hectic life abducts you from appreciating yourself. Self-love is important to keep you going from all the toss of lives. It starts right with taking care of your physical and mental health. Meanwhile, building an effective skincare regime and religiously following natural beauty tips would add to your self-care.






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